Message from the CEO

Thank you to the the best customers in the world! 

I want to personally thank each and everyone of you by starting off this quick blog post. I wish I could personally thank you in person but running a website during these times is a full time operation. I want to assure you we are expanding as fast as we can to bring you the very best in home workout equipment are reasonable prices, this includes equipment for beginners to the most experience among all of us.

We are based here in the United States and we are impacted by the same logistical situations like all the other companies out there, but we are expanding out products daily for you and sourcing from all over the world. We strive to be your one stop shop for all your fitness needs going forward, not only a name you can trust, but a name you can depend on. I encourage you to treat this as your store front on the Internet, if there are products you need, let us know. 

Our apparel line is exclusive to us and we will be adding more clothing soon, models, along with some home workout routines videos on our youtube site Located here I would highly encourage to subscribe to our channel for the latest news as it comes out. None of this is not possible without continued support from you. 

We strive to make give you the tools to make you the best you can be 


Wickedflex CEO Robert- Stay Safe everyone

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